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This is my comments page. Here are some of the feedback I have had to date, if you would like to add yours, please go the "Contact me" page and tell me what you think or choose an image you like.
For those that have taken the time to do so far, many thanks.
From Actor & Ambassador for Pentax - Bill Ward
Bill is also a well-known Photographer.


"Lovely work Gary... have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your site... particularly enjoy the urban feel to your work... plenty of great observation and unusual viewpoints... great stuff... Thanks and best... Bill Ward"

Feb 2019

From Jayce (himself)

''capturing the live vibe in a photo isn't easy, unless you're Gary Shinner, a great eye!

The above feedback from Welsh Rocker - Jayce Lewis (away at the time in LA)
He was impressed with my small gallery of images from the Gary Numan gig back
in October of himself on stage, and really liked all of them, but really loved #3 & 8.

Happy days indeed.

Neil McCade - National Sales Manager

I confess I have only yesterday started working through your galleries - but some of the "ultra" creative work stands out:

The Escalator No.4
Electric Tram
Spirograph #1

And who cannot love St Bilko is in charge.

And I can really see what you meant when you said you were a "butterfly" photographer - so many different style,
genres and subject matter.

Keep up the great work and enjoy!


Neil McDade

Re: Valencia - Science Park (in Monochrome)

The above gallery was shared on my Facebook page and the following comments and feedback was received from Diehl Mackey-Pyfer (Portland Oregon USA), Mandi Dunlop Ferraro, Peter Williams, who are all members of the following FB group called "Can you see what it is yet?", also further comments from Eric Danielsen APAGB from NZ & the one and only Dennis Russ AFIAP, AWPF, CPAGB, BPE1.

Mandi Dunlop Ferraro Awesome images! (... and an epic trip into editing!) Well done!

Dennis Russ Very Good Gary...

Diehl Mackey-Pyfer - Looked at all of them. Came away more or less stunned by what you have demonstrated can be done with depth, tone, texture. Very, very nice set of images.

Diehl Mackey-Pyfer It's hard to say anything besides "stunning" and "wonderful", but those aren't the most helpful things. Specifically I like several aspects of both the BW/Color work:

1) An incredible attention to creating the illusion of depth at just the right places. This is a persistent feature of both galleries.
2) The use of contrast and tone range to create a euphoric state. There is a rhythm to the tones that delights me. Very, very hard to achieve.
3) Textures that heighten the pleasure of the compositions.
4) Consistency of the gallery to a theme. Each picture builds more understanding and more interest in the space(s) being photographed.

To provide some balance,

1) By their very nature the pictures demand to be seen in a *much* larger format. I couldn't figure out where the "full screen" feature was, but, trust me, there were several spaces I just wanted to get lost inside of.
2) Having to come back to reality. I don't think it is fair to make this criticism, but, you know, I *did* have to go through the pain of re-entry into my own world of stabilized dismalness after I'd viewed the last picture.
I replied to Diehl: Lost for words here. Thanks seems inadequate indeed. But to take the time to view & comment are greatly appreciated.

As for your valid comment about the sizes the "Clicpic" site & tools are an affordable option & alas sizes have only been improved a year ago to 1024 / 750 at 72dpi. That all came about after a questionnaire was completed. So hobsons choice. The colour gallery contains a number of images that have given me some medals, awards & acceptances to date.
My website just allows me to share my images & show people what I'm about. It’s not everyone's cup of tea, but it makes me very satisfied & proud. I would have never imagined that I got to where I am in a million years.
Question, what the last image that threw you back to earth with what sounds like a bump?! Intrigued, that's all.

Diehl Mackey-Pyfer: Oh, lemme see. It was in the color gallery for Valencia. It was the first picture. I'd wrapped around a couple of times. Took one last look at this magnificently plain, large building, with it's shadows. . . and got up and started the daily watering. The problem is that the hose, the sprinklers, the flower boxes, don't look as snappy as those architectural compositions. . . but you *expect* them to look that way. And, yes, feel free to share my comments.
Diehl Mackey-Pyfer "Green to the Red Tower" and then skipping a picture to "The Armadillo" which I falsely compressed into successive images. "Green to the Red Tower" is the one.

Eric Danielsen: Great images Gary. Looks like something from Dr. Who or another science fiction series. So many great images. Well done.

Pete Williams: Wow! Gary!! Excellent set of photos, and I so like your enthusiasm over your photography - you obviously loved taking these shots!!

Thanks guys.

Cerion Herbert
Some fantastic photographs/artwork by the way. (22/12/2014)

Nice site Gary - I enjoyed seeing a body of your work. Some super ideas and original imagery.

Jay (Janet Haines ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB) (12/12/2014)

Hi Gary

What a great website - easy to use and full of very interesting and inspiring photographs.

I particularly like the "an idea into a project section" this type of photography is particularly interesting to me and a genre I too would like to explore. More power to your "trigger" finger and please continue to upload your splendid photographic images.

With kindest regards

JoanieB (22/06/2014) ARPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE3 (Wigan 10 club Member)

Hi Gary

really enjoyed looking at your great work on this site, you thoroughly deserve all the distinctions you have achieved. I would also like to thank you on behalf of myself and Kathryn for photographing our wedding back in 2012, in such a polite and professional manner and the end results were fantastic.
regards Neil (June 2014)

Hello Gary-
Just come across your site-very impressed with your progress-glad to see one of my 'pupils' making such good progress!.cheers,Lem

Lemuel F Shapton LRPS (April 2014)

Hi Gary,
I also believe in congratulating people on their achievements however small or insignificant they may be.
You, however have reached dizzy heights with your photography and I wish you every success in the future.
If I can manage to get one image as good as yours I will be a very happy man. CARRY ON THE GOOD WORK.

Howard Evans (Trostre CC member since 2010)

Hi Gary
All your images are great and your website is easy to access, professional and a good forum for your exceptional talent. My favourite image is in the architecture panel ref. 'K' (The Crystal Cathederal). The reflection gives it a mystery and enchantment and of course technically perfect. Your work reflects your commitment and professionalism and its been a joy to view your images. Thx.
Carole Evans (New Trostre Camera Club member 2012)

Hi Gary,

Just to let you know that I did check your website out and I am impressed
and I loved the pics you did for Neil and Cath.

(see August 2012 gallery in "My Work' Section)

Barbara Miller, FPSA, PPSA, EFIAP

Thanks for sharing this site. I have just spent an enjoyable hour looking at your work.

This is an extract from a correspondence from Pentax UK Back in October 2010

Jonathan Martin our General Manager did ask me to reply to your earlier e-mail.
We were all pleased to read of your success and having looked at your website it is easy to see why.
My personal favourite is “The Night Shift” which, I’m sure, is reminiscent of so many journeys for many more than just me.

By way of thanks for supporting Pentax Mr Martin has asked me to send you a goodie bag with T-shirt and other goodies!!
Kind regards, Stephen Sanderson Product Co-ordinator - Imaging Systems (PGB)

Chris Henry

Hi Gary,
It's been a while since I visited but wanted some inspiration, (as I have bought myself a new camera, not too expensive just something to get me started), and I thought where better to look.

All the best,

Eric Danielson APAGB

Hi Gary.
Am blown away with the success that you are having.
Well Done and all the best for the future.

Chris Robbins

Nicely done Gaz! Enjoyed looking at your work and sharing them with the family.
Keep up the good work. Bravo!!

Carol Harries

Paul and I wish to praise and congratulate
you on your newly appointed website.
We both commend you on your efforts in
compiling a varied and excellent selection from
the many thousands of choices you have.
well done and as always you can count on our support.
We hope that you attain continued
success in your love of photography.

Beverly Heap

Thought this was a good way of letting you know I've had a shuftie at your pics.
Loved your puffin!!! But the shot of the Mandalay did it for me!!!

Adrian Faulkner

Well done Gary, good photos and a good website. Shall keep popping back to see whats new!

Paul R Williams

I just had the chance to have a good look at
your gallery. Impressive and some strong images. Well done Gary,
keep up the good work.
Bset Regards - Paul

Roy Wheat

Great site Gary keep up the good work and I will be coming back to the club in September all the best my friend.

Joyce Mollet LRPS

Congratulations on all your salon acceptances -
I enjoyed my visit to your web site - very classy!!!